Pressure off Eda Ranu

Normal, Papua


THE water pressure problem which was experienced in parts of Port Moresby city last week is back to normal, and in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Eda Ranu general manager Billy Imar confirmed last Thursday that the water pressure was restored last Tuesday after “a small leakage from joints that connects water pipes was fully fixed by Eda Ranu and group of contractors”.
According to Mr Imar, the leakage which led to Eda Ranu shutting down water flow on Dec 18 was due to the installation of a new 1,100mm water line known as the Y-junction.
“The Y-junction was ordered and shipped from Malaysia to replace the one that burst in September due to high water pressure,” Mr Imar said.
He added that Eda Ranu had put in a temporary pipe in place when the new one was ordered.
The replaced water pipes were installed by Grem Maju, the company contracted for repair works in 2007, and were done in place of the ones fractured in May 2006.
 “It took our boys and contractor days to weld the joints together after new Y-junction water pipes were installed.
“We were scheduled to finish on Sunday but it took us two extra days to complete the job as we had to make sure the joints were carefully welded to prevent further leakages in future,” he said.
Mr Imar said the current pressure and flow of water from pipes in Mt Eriama, where the water plant is, down to Erima at the outskirts of the city, was more than 100m.
“Whether the current installation of Y-junction will stand the test of time depends on water pressure and flow, but I do not foresee any further problems happening at this particular location,” he said, adding that the new pipes had passed the factory test to maintain high water pressure.
Mr Imar said the new placement met the requirements satisfactorily and could take the pressure and flow exerted from the treatment plant.