Priest clarifies doctrine


CATHOLICS honour Mother Mary and not worship her as others see, a Catholic priest says.
St Martin’s and Mary Queen of Peace parish priest Fr Mark Misiwasi explained this during the fourth feast day of Mary Queen of Peace parish in Lae on Sunday.
“Mary is Queen because her son was King. We give special honour to Mary because she has a special place in our faith, not because she has power, no,” he said.
“Other churches misunderstand us and accuse us.
“We honour Mary as a special person and we honour, adore and worship her son our King and Saviour.
“We love and honour our own mothers.
“How can the Lord Jesus Christ not honour and love his mother?
“That’s a question we should all ask ourselves.
“We believe Mary is now by the side of her Son in Heaven.”
He said there was a connection between Mary and her son Jesus.
“Are we going to appreciate what Mary has done for us?
“Sometimes, we are stubborn and do not open our hearts.
“Let’s go beyond that.”
Misiwasi was the main celebrant when the Mary Queen of Peace parish celebrated their 4th anniversary.

One thought on “Priest clarifies doctrine

  • Can you state exactly in what text and verse in the Bible that tells us that Mary is with Jesus in heaven and that we should pray to her? I can’t find anywhere in the Bible that say we should honor Mary. The way you catholics are praising Mary an ordinary woman who becomes the mother of Jesus has gone too far to the extext that you never realised that you are actually worshipping her. Your level of honor has gone far too much to the extent of worshipping her. Its unblibical so please read your Bible and preach the word of the Bible rather than misleading God’s people.

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