Priest relates Lenten season to pandemic


CATHOLIC priest Fr Christian Pereira has drawn a parallel between the new behaviours associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and the love and sacrifice that symbolises the Lenten period that Christians around the world are observing.
He linked the washing and sanitising of hands to repentance, wearing masks to a daily crucifixion and social distancing as the ultimate sacrificial act of love or fasting.
In a message for Lent, he said embracing these disciplines would be the most life-giving commitment one could offer to family, church community and wider society.
“This year, our Lenten pilgrimage begins during the Covid-19 pandemic (and) the traditional Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and alms giving will certainly present with a new challenge this year,” he said.
“Can we find some resonance in what the pandemic is asking of us and what the Lenten pilgrimage is asking of us?”