Prime Minister confident of members, government team


PRIME Minister James Marape is confident that the team of ministers and MPs he has will advance the interests of the people.
He told a government caucus retreat on Friday on Loloata Island that the Government was finalising details of the 2020 budget.
“Today, the government caucus came together to talk about our vision for the future,” he said.
“The meeting explored a range of issues and challenges related to the core objectives of Vision 2050, and the need to align government policy to promote economic growth.”
It was the first time since May for the full caucus to “sit down and critically consider the key issues that face us”.
“We talked about our economic challenges and social issues, and how we could collectively advance reforms that promote fiscal responsibility, service delivery and the empowerment of our people,” he said.
Marape said governors, ministers, vice ministers and MPs attended with Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, department heads and constitutional office holders.
All members were given an opportunity to speak.
Presentations were made by Marape, his deputy Davis Steven, Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey, Minister for Finance Charles Abel and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Sam Basil.
He said the Government aimed to make PNG a smart, wise, fair, healthy and happy society for people into the future.
The meeting ended on Saturday.

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