Prime Minister deserves support for his initiatives

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 9th, 2015

 THE O’Neill Government has delivered and is delivering more services in a short period of time unlike past governments. 

Good business man takes risks in growing his business knowing he will gain in the end. The Government is taking that approach. 

Some years later PNG will look back and appreciate what the government is doing now.

As an ordinary Papua New Guinea, this Government’s unprecedented performance in lifting the living standards of poor struggling people really touch my heart and soul and I believe every sensible citizen will share the same sentiment.

I don’t know Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s background but heard from a colleague that he was an ordinary village boy struggled from his childhood days to overcome life challenges to become what he is today. 

I also heard my colleague said O’Neill felt for his mum and all the people around him who were struggling in life and vowed to enter politics and one day become prime minister to provide the needed services to improve and lift the living standards of people right across the country.

O’Neill  is not only living his dream but he is taking to heart the pain and suffering ordinary people are going through because he has been there and he understand the people better than any government. 

The fulfilment of O’Neill’s dream are his People’s National Congress Party policies centred on people which is evident in services reaching and changing lives of ordinary people. 

Therefore the Prime Minister deserves unwavering support from all citizens to continue with his initiatives and policies in developing and growing PNG.


Roselyn Yanoda, Via email