Prime Minister James Marape wants project off the ground as soon as possible

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Prime Minister James Marape has urged stakeholders in the Wafi-Golpu Project to work together to move the project forward.
He wants to see stakeholders chart a way forward on tailings disposal and for negotiations to move to the next stage.
He urgently wants an agreement reached for construction to begin.
He attended a forum in Port Moresby where baseline studies by the developer of the Wafi-Golpu project were presented supporting the Deep Sea Tailings Placement (DSTP) method.
Marape said he had heard the voice of landowners in the mine-impacted areas through their leaders. He has also heard the concerns by Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu on the need to have all legal processes followed to the letter.
“He is not against the mine going forward. He wants to ensure that the people get a fair share of the benefits, with minimal to no visible impacts on the environment.
“However, in the course of discussions of the best tailings disposal method for the project, time is running out and time lost can never be regained.
“Time lost is opportunity wasted, and so it is important that we make a decision as soon as possible.
“Conversation on issues surrounding the waste disposal options has been going on in the public space for so long, (more than four years) and the people and country are missing out on gains that could have been had.”
Marape said when a decision was reached on the method of disposal for mine tailings, conditions, either it be in monetary of other means, must be set to cover for any other environmental impact issues that could arise.
He warned stakeholders including the Government to be prepared to bear the cost.
Marape said he was prepared to make tough decisions at the highest level should the negotiations fail to move forward soon.


  • Another good news for our country’s economy so please PM JM make sure the tailing disposals from the mine is dumped in to a right place rather than dispose to the deep sea as supported by the developer and also consider the marine ecosystem of our seas.I hope the out come of the decisions regarding the benefits of our country is a good one just like Ok Tedi and Porgera where we take them back some good share from it…

  • DSTP in Lae, a genocide to marine ecosystem. More than 400,000 population along Yabem and Kotec-Wasu-Siassi to Finshafen to Salamaua will be affected. Locals who had lived for more than 45,000yrs had from the sea will be affected. Subsistence fishing at stake. Fish caught and sold in Lae city supermarket and mainmarket meeting the demand of residents of the city. EIS report says it is less populated area but it is opposite. Wafi Golpu communities has less which is 2400 people for Yanta, Hengambu 1800 while Buabaf with 3500.
    Dumping waste will have significant impact to Marine lives and peoples spiritual, social and physical connection to their sustenance will be gone for the sake of money. We never eat money but fish from the sea. FOOD SECURITY#PEOPLE are to face Risk. EXTRACTIVE LED DEVELOPMENT is good for the Foreign Corporations. What money cannot buy will be gone forever.

  • James Marape, for nearly 55 years of regulated mining activities in Papua New Guinea, there is NO direct benefit to host provinces and impacted landowners and communities in terms of economic and social benefits.

    Even, in the petroleum sector, where your province is the host of gas and oil, your people have not demonstrated any positive change towards development, but, significant negative impacts, prominently, they are displaced.

    But, the crux of the matter is that DSTP and Tailing Management in PNG is illegal because there is no legislation that regulates tailing management. In fact, DSTP is illegal and immoral.

    Look at Misima? it has no benefit whatsoever, except, environmental destruction.

  • We don’t have to look to far for lessons learned.We should by now be familiar
    with projects like BCL,OTML,PJV,Misima Mines regarding the mining impacts Vs benefits.
    The State seem to promote its interest first at the expense of the host communities.Iam sure there is a better way to strike a good balance for a win win situation for all parties concerned.

    Corporations are here for the profits for their shareholders. We must ensure they don’t twist our hands for their gain but equitable benefits for the papa graun lain tu must be seriously considered.

  • It is good to let developers go by our laws. We cannot be continuously forced down to agree to their ways. For so long this has been going on but not this time when we have the new brand of leadership. Barrrick has for the first time agreed to accept the new changes despite their struggle to maintain the status quo.
    More changes will eventuate and surely the country will experience new changes as long as this government continues to govern in the next term.

  • Good news but PMJM try make a sustainable decision and based on collective ideas from the experts and make it tailings harm free to the natural environment

  • Wafi Golpu needs to operate now increase our economy and consequently bring development to the surrounding communities.
    Disposal of mine tailings is inevitable and thus we need to accept and live with the risks for the greater outcome.
    However, Wafi Golpu must observe the waste system with greatest priority so no greater unexpected spilling or environmental damage should occur.
    I support PMJM for Wafi Golpu must operate sooner.

  • Good news and exciting times ahead.

    PMJM had done very well so far with some existing mining projects in the country. While we appreciate his tireless effort so far, we also plead for the Marape/Basil government not to ignore or overlook existing projects.

    Can the government sort out existing petroleum project and other resource landowners first before boasting and giving too much high hopes to all the stakeholders of the new projects? PNGLNG project and other project agreement reviews are long overdue.
    PNGLNG project landowners have been given false hope over their rightful Infrustructure Development Grants and other benefits as stipulated in the Benefit Sharing Agreements. PMJM has been making empty promises to PNGLNG landowners over their IDG benefits which the state had not fully paid for the last 10 years.

    The Government cannot bulldoze and overlook resource owners’ rights everytime.
    Let’s not pretend to the international community and the foreign investors that PNG is a very good investment destination where the government truly honours benefit sharing agreements and fairly treats its resource owners.

    Regardless of our abundant resources, we will still be like the resource rich, yet war-torn and poverty stricken African nations, if the PNG government continues to overlook and undermines the plight of resource owners.

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