Prime Minister pledges government support for Bougainville schools


PRIME Minister James Marape says the Government will support the Bougainville government in rehabilitating its educational institutions and colleges.
Marape was responding to questions by Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas who called on the Government to give special consideration to the people of Bougainville.
“Education institutions and putting quota for students from Bougainville is something that we can get the two education ministers to look into,” he said.
“As a government, we have given commitment and initial funding to start up and restore the Arawa School of Nursing.
“The government on the ground feels that Arawa School of Nursing must be rebuilt.
“We also made a commitment for a technical school to be built on Bougainville.
“There is a huge population of uneducated Bougainvilleans there, those who grew within the crisis era.
“For instance, the child who was born in 1988, today would be 31-year-old adult.
“And he or she would have lived through a period in which the education system was not functioning in this special region.
“So the need for us to assist in ensuring that Bougainvilleans are given all forms of education from lower level certificates in the technical and trade skills to college certificates and diplomas, as well as university, is there.” Marape instructed Minister for Bougainville Affairs Sir Puka Temu to take note of the discussion at the Joint Supervisor Body (JSB) next month.
“When we visited Bougainville on various occasions under my leadership, we also indicated to them that we will set aside 10 per cent of the small to medium enterprise funds to be remitted back to the region for resuscitation of the agriculture and other sectors there.
“The issue on us establishing a specific quota for Bougainvillean students within the context of them being in a special region in our country can be looked at.
“We will start the process next year, those who qualify at grade 12 and come to our universities right across the country the interface can take place.

One thought on “Prime Minister pledges government support for Bougainville schools

  • The majority of Bouganvillans have spoken through the ballot box for independence from PNG.
    PNG Government should work with Bouganville Government and secure international funding for Bouganville to build its education system and let them exit from PNG. PNG must not be a gaurentee to the loan. Its time to let them go

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