Principal: K200,000 spent monthly


THE monthly expenditure for a secondary school is more than K200,000, Tokarara Secondary School principal Gabriel Manga says.
He said this while thanking KMPG PNG for donating 15 filing cabinets to the school on Thursday.
As part of its corporate citizenship programme, KPMG donated the cabinets.
Manga said the cabinets would be distributed to 15 subject masters of the school, which had a student population of 1700.
He said the donation eased some of its operation costs.
“The cost of power bills, water bills, stationery, maintenance, new infrastructure, labour and many others occur every day,” he said.
“These contribute to more than K200,000 payments on a monthly basis.
“Many parents know this.
“Payment of project fees are their only way to support the school’s costs.”
Manga said tuition fee free education policy was good as it enabled children to go to school, however, cost of school management was increasing concurrently.
He said the Government needed to pay up tuition fees to schools without delay.
Manga said that was where project fees helped continue meeting school’s monthly costs. Last year, it charged project fees of K300.
With consent of parents and school board, project fees have doubled this year.
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