Principal urges school to maintain good standards

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The National,Tuesday 08th November 2011

DEPARTING principal of Bumayong Secondary School Gisuwat Mangere Siniwin says the school needs to maintain its high standards.
During the school’s 53rd graduation ceremony last Thursday, Siniwin reminded administration staff, the governing council and stakeholders that many prominent citizens had gone through its doors.
He said Bumayong had produced many leaders for the nation from its days as a vernacular school.
It continued to train students socially and spiritually to face the challenges of the modern era.
“I must say that the school has a proud history with many communities, provincial, national and church leaders having received education at this school,’’ he said.
“Many of the students are second or third generation while many teaching staff members are former students (including himself) who are committed to serving the school and their people.”
Siniwin resigned from teaching after 30 years, having served the last 15 at Bumayong.
“We are a community of gifted people, not all of whom have the same ability or interest, each of us is unique and intelligent,” Siniwin said.
He said the challenge for any school was to discipline and develop the intelligence of students because “we live in the days of rapid change in society, technology and family”.
“We must make our students aware of these changes and the consequences such as OBE, UBE and SLIP – making up the education reform were here to stay.
“It is in this context that Bumayong aims to educate its students. So upon leaving, each person is equipped to be a constructive member of their next community, be that a tertiary study, employment or in the village.”
Siniwin leaves as the proudest principal with experienced staff and board who helped raise from school fees a total of K5 million to build six new classrooms, six new staff houses, eight ancillary staff houses, and an administrative office complex with a conference room and a modern school library.
A total of 315 students graduated with their grade 12 certificates in front of a crowd of about 3,000.
The guest speaker was principal of Madang Maritime College Captain Dabung Kiong.