Principals suspended over alleged abuse of funds

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THREE secondary and high school principals in Morobe have been suspended after allegations of mismanagement of funds were made against them.
Acting provincial education adviser Keith Tangui, acting on a directive from Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra who had looked through the allegations, suspended the three principals from Bugandi Secondary, Menyamya Secondary and Salamaua High.
“The investigation team will start with Menyamya Secondary, then to Salamaua High then to Bugandi Secondary,” Tangui said.
In the case of Bugandi, he said there had been no financial report submitted in the past five years.
“This was on government tuition fees, fees from parents and donor agencies’ financial assistance sent to the school but no financial records to show how the money was spent over the five years,” Tangui said.
He said teachers were also not performing well leading to low grades at the school.
“Now that we have a new acting principal appointed by the provincial education board, we expect to see proper acquittals for the money the school will be receiving,” he said. Morobe deputy administrator social services Robin Bazzinuc warned teachers of Bugandi Secondary to be in class during working hours.
“If any teacher is not in class and is reported, you will be dealt with accordingly,” Bazzinuc said.


  • Why hasn’t the Education authorities in Morobe paid attention on this matter and addressed when it was happening.
    Every student deserve to gain quality education that will prepare them for their future.
    The Education Authority must make it a standard practise for teachers performance to be measured against set metrics like improvement in yearly student performance in each core subject; English, Maths and Science and positive progression made yearly. This should determine teacher’s yearly remuneration (both salary action and promotion)

  • Thank you, Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra.
    About time, I hope all the other Departments are doing the same.

  • Great Job Dr. Uke Kombra. it will be even better to look into those schools in Western Highlands Province.

  • Secretary, order audits into all public Secondary schools in Port Moresby. Start with Gordons Secondary then Tokarara etc

  • So it took five years to finally come up with the allegations!!
    What happened during the first two years? Investigations should have started the moment when questions are raised.

    Bugandi secondary has gone through so many things, especially school fights, the list is long.
    Smart and intelligent student leaders with the help from good parents and church leaders and the community at large prayed to see the change in students behaviour, which saw a huge decline.
    Why can’t we give back to them what is rightfully theirs?
    Ol sumatin nau bai mekim wantem, igo long skul wantem belhat?

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