Prioritise human resource development

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

Western has been ranked as the poorest province not only in Papua New Guinea but in the world by Deakin University’s expert in international development, Prof Mark McGillivray.
According to McGillivray’s study that was published earlier this year, it portrayed a bad image of the pro­vince.
In the Human Development Index (HDI) ranking, PNG is ranked 121 out of 137, way down at the bottom.
Despite the province being so rich in natural resources, the human de­velopment index is way behind acceptable levels.
This impacts badly on infrastructure development and service delivery in the province as the progress of any province or country depends on its human resource.
Some provinces in PNG, such as Manus and Chimbu, have fared better in terms of human resources despite lacking in natural resources.
Enga is a leading human resource producing province in the country because of Governor Peter Ipatas’ free education policy.
Western gets huge proceeds from
Ok Tedi every year.
Together with the millions of kina from the national government, it should be the leading province in terms of service delivery and human resource development.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Since the province’s human capital is poor, I  call on new Governor Ati Wobiro and his three open members to get to the root of the pro­blem and tackle it head-on.
I have trust and confidence in Wobiro in developing the human resources of the province.
North Fly member and Minister for Culture, Arts and Tourism Boka Kondra has committed to help students studying at Lincoln University in New Zealand.
That is a start and it  is appreciated greatly.
I hope the programme will be continued for as long as he stays in office.
I challenge his two counterparts – the member for South Fly Aide Ganasi and member for Middle Fly Roy Biyama – to follow Kondra’s move to develop their human resource in their districts.
Money is not a problem.
The problem is the inability to manage money properly, wisely and transparently.

Eric Piet
Port Moresby