Prioritise members’ home ownership


IT is good to see what Comrade Trustee Services Ltd (CTSL) has done, undertaking eligibility tests on their members and having found out that their members can afford a land and home package of around K250,000 and is now doing something tangible about it.
That is what the working population needs.
Superfunds should consider this and assist their members in similar ways.
Their benchmark of profitability should not always be about crediting members annually; but should also look at addressing one particular priority area; owning a home.
Make housing advance products more creative.
The superfunds should now change their strategy and measure their annual performance by counting how many of their contributing members own a home (a properly surveyed and titled property).
Utilise profits to fund or subsidise affordable home ownership schemes and drive home ownership in a big way.
This should in turn have a positive, stimulating spinoff effect in many areas such as improving work attitude (security, confidence, and discipline), worker productivity and stable and secure workforce contributing to the economy.
Good on you CTSL for addressing your members’ needs.

Wesley Kulu

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