Prison chaplain sees need to fund spiritual programmes in jails


FUNDING is needed to encourage spiritual rehabilitation programmes across the main prison camps, says Bomana chaplain Pilai Lani.
He said crusades and fellowships had changed the mind and hearts of the inmates at Bomana.
Lani and Pastor Peter Dege, of True Church of Jesus Christ, shared their experiences of weekly crusades and Bible teachings that had helped bring change to the prison population.
Lani said that under commander Kiddy Keko, crusade programmes and Bible teachings had converted many long-serving prisoners.
“The long-serving inmates have turned the prison into their homes and now serve their given years peacefully without a try of a breakout,” he said.
Pastor Dege urged Correctional Services to fund the programme.
“We can teach them agricultural programmes, educational programmes and literacy (reading and writing) programmes when they are fully changed,” he said.
He said government spent large amounts of money on the prisoners’ rehabilitation programmes but they did not changed their mind.
He said government needed to support this programme of preaching and giving Bible teachings.

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