Prison escapes: Buck stops at the top

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 8th, 2013

 PRISON escapes across the country from Lakelmata to Buimo, Beon to Buebi, Baisu to Bomana have been happening for many years. 

Most of the escapes allegedly involve prison officers. 

Negligence by prison authorities has been alleged.

The Correctional Service Minister (Jim Simatab) and the commissioner should not sit and relax in their chairs.

This is a serious management problem. 

Prisons administration could have worked out strategies to avert the frequent breakouts but they are jumping up and down blaming rundown infrastructure, lack of resources and insufficient staff.

The minister could not even give a figure on the floor of Parliament when asked by MP Ken Fairweather how many officers got sacked, imprisoned or suspended over these issues . 

What has happened to all the investigations and reports on previous escapes? 

Were there any reports completed, recommendations made and actions taken? 

PNG needs to know because it is costing the taxpayers millions of kina to recapture escapees.

Maybe when a new Correctional Service Minister is appointed and the commissioner replaced we may see some positive action being taken.


Senior Wartale