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Commissioner Pokanis orders investigation into alleged assault of wilful murder suspect Bosip Kaiwi at Bomana jail
Stephen Pokanis

PRISON authorities at Bomana in Port Moresby are investigating allegations that Bosip Kaiwi, who is facing a wilful murder charge, was assaulted after his incarceration there last week, an official says.
Correctional Service Commissioner Stephen Pokanis said they wanted to find out the truth.
“Investigation by the acting commanding officer (at) Bomana is ongoing. (He) informed me that remand detainee Bosip Kaiwi’s lawyer had visited him last Thursday,” Pokanis said.
“The detainee has the right to register his complaint directly to me through the acting commanding officer at Bomana through his lawyer, or (by) a human rights application to the National Court.”
Kaiwi, 25, was remanded in custody by Magistrate Tracy Ganaii in the Committal Court in Waigani last Tuesday, for allegedly causing the death of his partner Jenelyn Kennedy, 19, the mother of their two children.
The case will return to court on July 30.
Pokanis also expressed concern yesterday over “negative media reports” against Kaiwi which could pose a risk to his life inside jail.
“My only fear is the power of the (mainstream and social) media that can generate negative emotions (among prison) officers and sway them away from their roles as correctional officers,” he said.
Pokanis said he had received reports that Kaiwi was allegedly assaulted by detainees at Bomana.
“I was informed of the alleged assault last Thursday through media calls I received, and had directed the acting commanding officer to (conduct) an investigation,” he said.
“The investigation is very important as it will determine who assaulted (Kaiwi), and what form of assault whether a slap, fist, or use of instruments against the detainee.
“This has to be determined by the investigation team.”
Pokanis said the work of correctional officers was to “contain detainees, make sure that they are safe and secure, and that they remain at the institution to complete their (convicted detainees’) sentences, and wait for the courts to decide their (detainees’) cases”.
“The CS legislation does not allow officers to assault a detainee.
“Force is only applied when there is resistance applied by detainee(s), according to CS practice under the legislation.”
He said apart from the alleged assault, the general atmosphere in prison and the behaviour of detainees “indicate maturity and respect” on each other.
“Many of them want to serve their terms and go home to their families,” he said.


  • What is so important about the murderer. Did he care about life of her partner before torturing her?
    This kind of continued pressure to CS and Police to come out on media, for threaten, health issue, parental duties to children etc.. will continue to gauge the attention of judges, clearly its the work of money. This will continue until the day the murderer is out of that chicken fence. Lawyers to ya,, igat senses or moni tasol.

    • The murderer has access to money. He will be out on the streets even before his next court hearing. The usual excuses will be used. The prosecution lawyer should act quickly.

    • This is a useless propaganda by CS,why so much care is put in to care for this murderer?? Does he care about life? Is Boship Kavi afraid of being killed by other detainees?? Oh so now he is scared of being kill? The way I am seeing is that Police and CS are taking good care of this murderer and he might be out of the jail soon despite a life that has been taken horrifically by this culprit…Something smelly here… you never report any thing about every other murderer or rapist who went in there before???

    • Mr. Kaiwi is already in jail for what he had committed. Why assault him in jail? its be worse if there is another lawsuit for assault against CS. Just let justice take its course.
      In a legal system, as per the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Section 37- PROTECTION OF THE LAW.
      (1) Every person has the right to the full protection of the law, and the succeeding
      provisions of this section are intended to ensure that that right is fully available, especially to
      persons in custody or charged with offences. So as such his lawyer is only doing his job.

  • Sooner or later-Kaiwi is going to die……Layers are barking dogs only up for money so long as BK is alive they need to make as much money before his fate is decided at the hands of those who believe in True Justice!!!!


  • What so interesting about him that you would be so concern? It is understood that every detanees that entered CS are treated like this, but you never report it. But this devil is your concern. If it is your concern then don’t put it on media. Because it will become everybody’s concern as well.

  • A convicted Heart can only ask for salvation from the Lord of all Grace, if Kaiwi can confess today for salvation, the Lord forgives, all the negatives that had been thrown at returns, just like bumarang that is thrown out return to the thrower, all negatives come back to us again, we are not solving the problem but creating a problem in our selves of this issue, only best solution to such issues, forgive one another……..,

    • yes, its true but being in a christian country like this and couldn’t even know what the bible says.
      my goodness the bible says forgive and forget but the bible also says killing is a unforgivable sin that people need to think and understand of.

      • Good day to you Mr/Ms Mcwell. Please quote me the Bible Verse that says, killing is unforgivable. in which chapter whether, in the Old Testament or New Testament. I have a Holy Bible in my office right now, which I can read, just provide the chapter and verse and the author of the chapter.

    • Joe, I agree with you, only salvation is through Jesus Christ, and yes forgive one another, that is how we heal.
      We all have the right to out opinions/views, at this point we all should just let justice take its course.

  • It is a good news that govt will now apply a method of execution for those who are already in the dead row. Bhosip Kaiwi will be part of the new execution.

  • You all have not heard his side of the story …and making judgment based on Facebook. Before her death she was going out with numbers of big man in Pom including MPs. When Bhosip tried to get information out of her as resulted in her death. We all are Animal and once our animal instinct are activated we will do similar things. There are trigger point in our mind that will chase the good sense and trigger the animal instinct to take over. He was in a situation were he could not really think because of what she had done. The full story will come out

    • Thanks WW. That clears some air and makes sense. That is the reason. We have looked at only one side of the of the coin and already condemned Kaiwi without a fair trial. When the truth comes out, there will be some pity. Please forgive me for my prior negative comments out of frustration. Highest form of Revenge is Forgiveness.

  • Woumanda Wal, the best solution would have been to let her go so he could move on in live with his children and another decent woman which I believe was available to him.
    Self Control though may seem a hard word but is the principle of living a comfortable life

  • Woumandi Wal– she was murdered and any reason to justify the murder’s action should not and will not be considered in anyway to lessen nor remove the charge of murder!!

    We are human beings and are better educated and can reason better than animals so don’t classify us all like Bosip Kaiwi (whom you’re trying to support from your posts here). Animals like Bosip Kaiwi shouldn’t be living amongst man in this era. He is a murderer and will be a known as one!!

  • Might as well get the rest of the inmates in there to report on their human rights issues at Bomana jail and the other jails throughout the country. what so special about this culprit who has blood on his hands, yet now he is concern about his human rights. CS commander and his personnel should get their priorities right.
    I feel sorry for the other inmates in there, are they receiving the same publicity on their human rights like this fellow…
    Come on PNG.. One Law, One People, One Country. God Bless PNG.

  • I certainly believe that, Andrew is right…………She is or was NOT the only women in the paddock…. There are plenty of women that BK can choose from and move along in life…… so easy of simple…….instead of taking someone’s life away……
    #####Justice for Jennelyne########

  • Do the prisoners have access to mobile phones where they monitor the social medias every day? Is someone making up this story? I reckon the prison is a safe place after a some uncomfortable moments in the first place.
    Someone is playing the media.
    Justice must be served regardless when a life is taken carelessly.

  • The strongest man never fight or kill but forgive and move on with live…hard to say this but try it comes with patience and long suffering….Hehe, am talking about real man not babyboyman nabout…. karim bodi blo man na inside babystaff nobaut taim short circuit blow up na 2late …bomana or 9mile…

  • The lawyers are at the CS to carry out their client justice for the money he pays them until he is declared guilty by the Courts although he is already guilty they will try their best to reduce his sentence from maybe death penalty to life in prison. Reading from the news papers this particular culprit kidnapped the girl when she was in school and kept her until she had two children so that in itself, made him commit a crime when he kidnapped the girl and forced her into marriage at a tender age. I am very sorry for young Jenelyn Kennedy for going through all this situation. Jenelyn Kennedy told her half brothers not to stop her going back to the culprit because they have long hands. However long those hands may be you will one day dig your own grave because there are consequences for such actions, including the securities involved for the greed of money.

  • Be a real man ,why kill a woman because you feel insecure hahaha,immature little boys in a man’s body ,when are you going to grow up….Its not only Kaiwi there are many I see around . Be a real man let that lady go there are many still out there ..Meri must sot long graun yah hahahah…

  • Very true Mr. DieHeartPNG…His fate will surely be decided in the Hands of the who believed in through justice. And it would be non other than JUNGLE JUSTICE…

  • Assault in prison is not a new thing. Every newcomer that enters the prison is often welcome with certain acts and for those who resist often face the consequence. Every convicted prisoner has his own assault story to share but they live with it. why is the Lawyer so concerned about BK’s case? Don’t let MONEY BLINDFOLD JUSTICE… Enough is enough. Yupela money hangere lain traim yusim gutpela tinting na mekim samting stret plis.

  • At this century young couples are facing problems in their marriage because of LOVE OF MONEY & GOING FOR THE BEAUTY of man and woman. PNGans ! have in mind that MONEY is the ROOT of all evil so if you know how to use money and you have the right attitude then you are save but if you do not know anything at all we all in same basket ,so we need to do something now before we might late. Very sad for those Innocents losing their lives but those of us who victims surviving we need to help those who trying to practice evil activities..DO NOT LET IT GO IF YOU COME ACROSS SUCH ACTIVITIES IN YOUR AREA/SOCIETY..GOD BLESS ALL!!

  • Mr Commissioner is new to the prison situation in Bomana or mr Bosip kawi is, to the prison system in Bomana. I thought its a normal situation in the prison in Bomana and all prison officers are used to such situations but this time around, it seems to be something special,? I hope NATURAL Justice will be served to those who think they can do anything under the sun for their own benefit.
    Justice for Janalyn!!

  • Woumanda Wal that doesn’t justify his actions. plis yu mahn yah 1pla day fightim na lukim blut yah ba yu gat bel sorre yah.
    And please before you accused someone of something, make sure you have facts to back it up!!

  • Steven Pokanis ( commissioner ) what is so important about this Kaiwi guy, every prisoners that goes to Bomana received there first ritual and we don’t hear stories of them about Human Right lawyer fighting for there rights The way your talking is like you’ve been receiving something from under the table, blood is in your hands commissioner. Let him face the consequence of what he did.

    Full of wealth and see what the outcome is , spoil child, bagarapim ol tribes man blo em, and spoiling the reputation of his family. He is a heartless child, full of pride and alcoholic. This is what happens when you give everything to a child in a GOLDEN PLATE.

    # justiceforjenelynkenedy#

  • In life every result has a cause to it. murder is a result of a cause. some things may be easy to say or sound simple but practically they are very difficult, especially when you are dealing with ones life and emotion. it is better for us not to judge the alleged murderer for God only has the power and right to judge each and everyone of us. remember there is a saying that goes like this “what goes around comes around”. when you point a finger to a person four goes back to you. you never know such may happen to you, your children or relatives. only time will tell. so it is better for us to take this incident as a learning experience and start educate our children to make good and better decisions and choices for their lives tomorrow.

  • Late Jennelyn Kennedy’s family should get a lawyer and apply for a stay order preventing his release from Bomana Prison under any circumstances. A decision has been made by the committal court for him to be remand at Bomana Prison awaiting his court (30th July).

  • The reason behind the beatings will surely come out when the lawyer representing the murderer fights for his justice on the 30th July 2020. Let him face natural justice in prison. Nothing new! What is so important about him? #Justice_for_Jennelyn.

  • Let him face the music and dance to it. If he is an educated person he should think before acting. Torturing her and make her suffer till her death is by a senseless human being and he must have been drugged to do such thing. If he is a man, if he thinks he is, than stand and challenge those in the prison if they assault him, why whinging to his Lawyer. This is all make up story to get him out of the prison because he has the money to play around with.

  • There has always been assault on any new prisoner that enters any prison. Wheather it is in PNG or overseas. Maski giaman nambaut. Yu yet save na yu laik kilim man………………..

    • I believe that was the normal initiation process for new and fresh entrants into that Hausman. Ol mekim tasol long luksave yu man tru or still baby yet.

  • Even if it is what it is, Justice should do its part in stretching its power to protect its people. Not taking favors because of bribery. Late Jennelyn’s Death was an eye opening for alot of people, I hope and pray the same reaction for justice given to her death would be the same towards any barbaric situation/actions in our country. I hope young generations recognize such failures today, so they can build a better tomorrow.

  • No specials treatments, once you are in PRISON.
    Whatever happens in there are all law breakers like you so take it as it comes.
    The going gets tough and the tough gets going. Full STOP.!!

  • Woumanda;
    She was 15 when he exploited her.
    For 4 years, she was living in hell, in the process giving birth to 2 kids.
    He made it difficult for her and is very controlling.
    She is always under the surveillance. Her every move is closely monitored.
    However, she managed to escape to seek shelter and professional help from the authorities concerned, only to be denied and helpless as she has nobody to turn to.
    All her relatives are a prey due to the fact that he has money and use it at his disposal to get her back.
    Save lo background blo man pastaim na background stori bipo Yu mekim toktok olsem.

  • Woumanda Wul, back your statements with evidence. The culprit glorified Lucifer so he is now facing the consequences. Its unimaginable for a mother of two infants who is forever locked up in the house who hardly has any freedom could go about doing those shit. She would fear her death from the “monster”.
    CS commissioner is not stupid. That is exactly how crook lawyers involve the CIS to provide supporting reports of remandees to substantiate bail applications. Money is now at play. The courts should be aware of crook doctors that will collude with “smart” lawyers to falsify medical examinations and medical certificates to pursue bail applications. To the prisoners, avoid excessive physical assault that would warrant him a bail. You can enjoy “other things” with this heartless hero.

  • Young Husbands and Wives there are Church leaders and also our Parents that we can talk to about our problems. We cannot always fight and hate each other becuase when Loves turns to Hate one will always leave.

    Murder is not the solution.

  • So in PNG we support mothers and wives to open their legs at any spot as they wish. If you are husbands please let your wives out and see some men sleep with her, then you forgive her and preach to others about your generous offer to other men.

  • If Bosip Kaiwi is bailed out,CIS Commissioner to be terminated from his job, all country will stop work and march to Parliament.Treat him as like others in the jail.No special treatment.Stop that Lawyer and belt him up.Treat everyone same.Really tired of hearing and seeing this type of corrupt practice by top people.

  • He is nothing but a lowlife loser and doesn’t deserve to be given special treatment. How come nobody ever reports about the other inmates that go to Bomana? The pain he may receive now is nothing compared to the torture he put Jenelyn through. He is a willful murderer, treat him like any other prisoner and allow justice to take place. PNG needs change, how can we fight against Domestic Violence when along the way, the system is being manipulated with cash load elites. Enough is Enough!!!!!!

  • Plesman can you and Woumanda come out and substantiate your evidence of fact on your statement, we are living in a society that seeks facts and evidence rather than assumption. Assumption is a primitive way of solving problems resulting in many innocent live taken for granted. This man Bosip must face what ever consequences he must face. what human rigth is he talking about, when he DIDN’T consider that of Jenelyn. Let him stay behind bars untill a verdict is reached.

  • The so called womans rights shovelled down the throat of a beautiful PNG society where menfolk has embraced women in regards to our culture has seen the rise in violence against women coz women go to the extreme to uphold their rights.

  • Why do you all care about a murderer? The CS especially, have you been offering the same amount of treatment to all other murderers since 1975 and even earlier?
    He (Bosip) deserves to be treated the same as other murderers. Pokanis should also have some sense of humour when the family of late Jennelyn Kennedy are still mourning their loss and yet he shows concern for this murderer’s safety and well-being. I hope all the other murderers were given the same treatment too.
    This is injustice towards the victim and unfair for all other convicted murderers who did not receive the same sentiments from the CS Commissioner.

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