Prisoners get food gift in fellowship move


The Salvation Army donated food to Buimo prison during the closing of the in-prison fellowship programme on Wednesday.
Church representatives donated three bags of cabbages, three bags of sweet potatoes and three cartons of chickens to the prison as part of Salvation Army’s community services programme.
The Salvation Army has been part of the weekly prison fellowships which they donated toiletries and foodstuff to inmates.
The Salvation Army’s North Cast division women’s ministries director, Major Lennie Suave, said that under the community service programme, they had fellowship with prisoners and donated food and other items.
“Coming here (prison) is like a community. We become family members to comfort, help and identify needs to support,” she said.
She said they have been working with the other churches and the prison chaplain for the inmates’ fellowship programme.
Buimo jail commander Supt Felix Namane said churches have played a major part in changing prisoners’ mindsets. He thanked the group and other churches who engage in the fellowship programme despite the challenges of jail breaks during the year.
“Prisoners come from all over Papua New Guinea and most of them uphold their own cultural beliefs in here,” Namane said.
“Ethnicity and regionalism is strong and they don’t really live together.
“But we are trying our best with fellowship groups to break their mindsets about regionalism.”