Prisoners take up teaching course

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 TWO PRISONERS at the Barawagi Jail, in Chimbu, have registered to take up teacher training at the recently established Simbu Teachers College.

They were registered under the Correctional Service detainee rehabilitation and reintegration services programme, outlined under the fourth core business objectives of Correctional Services strategic plan 2011–2020.

The prisoners are Bernard Olmi, from Dom Karilmaril, in Gumine district, and Jackson Okil, from Kudjip, in Jiwaka.

Olmi is doing his second year while Okil is starting his first year.

Olmi and Okil thanked the college for giving them hope to have a better life after completing their terms in jail.

They thanked Barawagi jail commander Michael Auirap and officer in charge of welfare and rehabilitation, Harry Raepa for allowing them to continue their education.

They said it gave them a second chance and called on other prisoners to do the same as it would help them and their families. 

College principal Clement Kaupa said it was a way to help such people.

Kaupa said the college was running the prison educational rehabilitation programme to help people such as Olmi and Okil to start a new life after jail.

He said the college’s motto was “creating a new hope”. 

“This means that the college can help people regarded by others as having no future.  Our college can give hope to these people.”