Prisoners have three meals a day


THE article concerning the complaint by a Bomana prison detainee that he is being fed an unbalanced meal comes as a slap in the face to hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens in Papua New Guinea living with malnutrition.
Criminals in jails are been fed three times a day, have access to proper water and toilet facilities and electricity  only because they have broken the law.
The treatment of prisoners is too gracious and must be changed to ensure they experience a bit of hell in there.
The jails have become a pleasant place to stay where detainees can be fed three times a day.
I know that in the jail outside Goroka, the detainees are fed corned beef and tinned fish with rice and vegetables on a regular basis.
Just on the other side up in the hills on Unggai, we have families who cannot afford a K8 tin of Globe corned beef.
How these impoverished, law-abiding citizen yearn for the good food served in our prisons.
We need to find out the level of malnutrition in out jails compared to the level of malnutrition in our communities of law-abiding citizens.
Prisoners don’t know how lucky they are.

Kain Samtingya,