Prisons becoming holiday camps


HOW does one feels when our law breakers are being fed three balanced meals a day, while the average ordinary Papua New Guineans struggle to have their meal balanced using less-expensive and poor quality proteins, only during dinner?
Ox and Palm and brown rice are the top quality foods that prisoners consume. These are too expensive for the average working citizen.
In addition, the Correctional Service is paid millions by tax-payers to guard these law breakers.
Truly unfair.
I’m sure this is the boosting factor for increasing law and order problems faced in this country.
The culprits wanted to commit crimes so that they would enjoy their life in prison – this is true, as I’ve talked to a couple of guys who have been jailed for six months for smuggling drugs.
It is time we realise that if the prisoners are treated this way, more people will be willing to go to prison.
Before they go to prison, this country will be overrun by criminals – it is already happening.
Thugs are raiding the cities/towns. Criminals are doing road blocks/car theft/robbery.
Tribal fights getting worse in the rural areas for no good reason.
As a Papua New Guinean and a law-abiding citizen and tax payer, why am I continually paying for law breakers to be taken care off well, even better than me?
I would like to recommend that the prison be more like learning institutions, rather than just holiday camps. By that, I mean the prisoners need to acknowledge the fact that everyone has to work for their survival.

Kepsy Branks
Concerned Citizen

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