Prisons getting serious about escapes and growing food


Correctional Services has released a strategic plan that will try to reduce escapes, teach officers management skills and start farms.
The plan is aligned to the Alotau Accord Two and focuses on rural lock-ups and prisons.
Acting Commissioner Stephen Pokan told prison commanders, officials from the departments of National Planning and Monitoring, Religion and Community Development, Justice and Attorney General, and police that it would be a way forward for the organisation.
Pokanis said prison breakouts should be reduced by using a different way of management.
All prisons will also start farms to grow bananas, kaukau, potatos, vegetables and raise chickens.
“We will see institutions trained to be self-reliant by producing their own food and looking
after our detainees rather than depending on the Government,” he said.
Officers will also be trained to conduct counselling for inmates.
CS Minister Roy Biyama said the officers worked in very difficult circumstances to maintain security in institutions.
“I have seen the housing, that most of us would consider unacceptable, inhabited by officers and their families,” he said.

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