Private sector high on agenda: Minister


THE country’s private sector will be given prominence in the agriculture summit to be held next Monday, Minister for Agriculture and Livelstock Benny Allen says.
Allen said the first two days of the three-day summit will give the private sector the opportunity to raise whatever issues they faced so that the government could address them.
“The purpose of the summit is to get the private sector with the government. We are allowing the private sector to take the lead,” he said.
“They will be doing their presentations in the first two days, telling the government the constraints and the issues they have and need to raise.
“We as Government will sit and listen to them.”
The government will on Wednesday respond to the points raised by the private sector.
“It used to be the Government telling the private sector to do this and that, announcing policies, development plans,” he said.
“We have not listened to the private sector on what issues they are faced with.
“They want to invest but sometimes the environment is not conducive.
“Maybe the roads are not good, or market access maybe the issue.”
The summit will be held annually.
“Smallholders will be included in future summits,” he said.
“The interest that has been generated from the private sector is very encouraging.
“We would like to work along with the private sector. We cannot work alone.
Government cannot do it alone.”