We are privileged to worship God without restrictions, pastor says


Papua New Guinea, unlike other countries in the world is a place where believers can freely worship God, Life in the Spirit Ministries national overseer Pr David Dii says.
“Papua New Guinea is paradise because we have the bird of paradise. It is a country that contains beautiful landscape, rivers, mountains and vast features of land,” Dii said.
“PNG is almost like the Garden of Eden.”
Dii was speaking during a church gathering to celebrate   PNG’s 42nd Independence anniversary.
“PNG is unlike other countries in the world – we can freely worship God anywhere without restrictions. You can get a microphone and preach freely anywhere you please and no one will stop you,” he said.
Dii spoke about the wonderful things God has done for the country through the Government, non-governmental organisations, businesshouses and other entities that contributed to the progress of the country.
“We are so privileged, we did not have to fight with Australia to gain independence, we got it freely,” he said.
Dii believes that PNG will not remain the same as it advances
to the next independence anniversary.