Prize money for U18s is not the way to go: Joseph


PLAYING for prize money at the junior level is an inappropriate approach and does not help in promoting talent, according to an official.
Capital Rugby Union competition manager and Sports Tok Sevens director Paul Joseph made this statement when referring to the Under-18 division which will feature in the tournament over the Easter weekend (April 19-21).
Joseph said apart from the teams in the men’s and women’s divisions who will be playing for K30,000 and K10,000 respectively, the U18s would run out onto the field to showcase their talent and be rewarded with trophies.
“For the U18s, we don’t want to see them play for money, so they will be playing for trophies,” Joseph said.
“We think that if they play for money, then the importance of expressing themselves will go out the window.
“And also if we allow the U18s to play for prize money, then we will see 20-year-olds coming down to play in the division.”
Joseph said the division was important, as the Oceania U18 Championships would be held in Fiji in November.