PRL case back in court

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The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE on-going dispute over the Port Moresby Rugby Football League board chairmanship is far from over after fresh legal proceedings were taken against the interim board headed by Labi Amaiu.
Amaiu revealed this when his treasurer Timothy Gena handed K500 over to club representatives at a brief presentation ceremony on Sunday.
He said his interim board felt handicapped after the challenge, and urged all the clubs to remain calm.
The interim chairman was disappointed with court proceeding taken by the opposing group headed by Richard Sinamoi, Thomas Tarabu, Ian Gapi and James Hol as interested parties to the case.
Amaiu said his interim board would deal with the case while all presidents concentrated on the administration of their clubs.
The interim board was hoping to remain in charge until the scheduled annual general meeting in November when a new executive would be elected into office.
Sinamoi said he had nothing against Amaiu and was acting on behalf of the 12 club presidents who supported the legal proceeding against the interim board.
Except for Royals and Wests, all clubs supported the move against the Amaiu’s board for the following reasons: 
* The appointment in the interim board at the special general meeting (SGM) was not proper as the standing orders of the constitution and that this SGM was not consistent with earlier court orders;
* There was no provision in the POMRL constitution for an interim board to be created;
* The clubs expected a new board to be appointed at the annual general meeting (AGM) last November but since this did not take place delegates from the majority of PRL clubs want a proper board to be installed through elections and in accordance with the constitution.
In related news, interim board member Jack Ninkama (Dobo Warriors) returned to the Sinamoi camp after handing over his resignation after his appointment to the interim board. Sinamoi said he was mindful of the stress and inconvenience that these proceeding were placing on the players, sponsors and supporters of POMRFL.
“I would not wish to drag this matter any further if not for the position taken by the 12 clubs.
“These clubs are the ones that work tirelessly to ensure PRL’s existences and survival,” he said.
He added a lot of these people had put in time and resources without seeing anything in return.
He said the majority of clubs wanted to see  proper management and accountability from the people tasked to administer the competition.
Sinamoi said the interim executives of the  POMRFL were illegally occupying the office.