Pro golf body disclaims new ‘amateur pros’

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The National

THE Professional Golf Association in PNG (PGAPNG) does not recognise Professional Golfer Affiliates of Papua New Guinea Golf Association (PGA of PNGGA).
The founder of PGAPNG Lucas Bimbo said this in an interview with The National last week in response to the induction of Nelson Gabriel and Robert Peni to the professional rankings of PGA of PNGGA earlier last week.
According to Bimbo the only recognised professional golf association in the country is Professional Golf Association of Papua New Guinea (PGAPNG) which was affiliated last June 26 and registered with the Investment Promotion Authority.
Bimbo said the president of Professional Golfer Affiliates of PNG Stan Walker should stick to PNG Amateur Golf Association and must not intervene with the Professional Golfer Association of PNG.
Bimbo commended Gabriel and Peni for making it into the professional ranks but said a lot had to be done to “properly” qualify as professionals.
He lamented that golf has been played in PNG over the years  but PNG had not made it to international tournaments while Fiji had made great inroads.
The PGA of PNGGA was announced last February, which according to president Stan Walker was voted by majority of the members of the PNG Golf Association.
One of the PNG’s professional golfers, Augustine Peni when contacted by The National declined to comment and stated that he would  meet with Bimbo before he could make any comments.