Probe CS over mass breakouts

Letters, Normal

THE Correctional Services has become a joke.
If nothing is done to correct the Correctional Services, criminals will treat our jails as a second home.
They can come and go whenever they feel like it because it is so easy to break out from our jails.
But seriously, each time there is a breakout, the duty personnel are suspended pending investigations.
When have we read or hear about senior officers being hauled up over breakouts?
I believe it is high time a Commission of Inquiry is formed to look into the affairs of the Correctional Services.
Some of the “terms of reference” should include :
* Working and living conditions of CS members; 
* Human resource development in CS; 
* Financial management; 
* Review of CS Act and policy statements; 
* Overseas trips by the Commissioner; and
* Review all investigations relating to “breakouts”.
It has a mandate to protect the society by keeping criminals securely behind bars.
However, if it fails to do that, then something is wrong somewhere.


Warder for life
Port Moresby