Probe firm’s recruitment policy


I HAVE just read the article in The National ‘Covid-19 forces Bewani Oil Palm to cut production’ which quotes a company source saying that they needed to import Indonesian labour to harvest the Fruit as PNG Labour was too slow.
Why is the company importing unskilled labour to be employed in PNG when 80 per cent of our male population are unable to find work?
Will all these labourers be issued with work permits?
Other oil palm factories around the country have no problem finding compatible employees within the country.
Can the Department of Labour allow this to happen?
We read last week about the Labour Department officials arresting people in Northern in the timber industry. I have noticed that timber trucks in West Sepik have foreign nationals driving from time to time.
Why can’t the Labour Department visit West Sepik as well?
I am constantly hearing about the need to localise positions.
The Government is increasing the cost of work permits to encourage localisation on one hand while on the other hand seems to let employers get away with breaking the rules.

F J Helai

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