Probe needs information

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 THE man charged with heading the investigation into the rampage at the Medical Faculty by Defence Force soldiers last weekend has called for all with information to pass them on to him discretely.

Col Tokam Kanene (pictured) said yesterday he had begun initial inquiries and asked some civilian contractors to visit the Medical Faculty to assess the damage.

Kanene had been given only seven days to report on the disorderly conduct of some soldiers on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday when they attacked security guards and terrorised students and staff at the University of Papua New Guinea Medical Faculty.

The faculty is situated inside the Port Moresby General Hospital grounds and some of the guards attacked were hospital staff.

Kanene said all information given would be treated with confidence.

Kanene asked all with information to contact his office on 7005 2157 or email [email protected]

An altercation between medical students and two soldiers near the hospital ATM machine on Friday ended with a raid by soldiers the same evening. 

They returned on Saturday and Sunday and more violence erupted. A dental student was hospitalised from the attacks.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Defence Minister Fabian Pok (pictured right) condemned the attacks and called for those involved to be sacked without entitlements.

A letter writer to The National has intimated that the fault is not entirely to be blamed on the soldiers. The Friday incident was sparked off by drunk medical students harassing people at the ATM. 

The two soldiers had tried to stop the harassment and got attacked for their efforts. 

This led to the raid on the campus by soldiers.