Probe PPL call centre, operations team


I EXPRESS my discontentment to PNG Power Ltd officers working in both the call centre and their operation team at Boroko office.
The residents of 8-Mile at second block (power line 5145) have been experiencing blackouts since last Monday.
Despite being genuine Easipay customers, we were denied access to power.
We called the call centre but they either did not make a request to their operation team or the operation team failed to act on the request.
Can the managing director Flagon Bekker investigate his officers upon seeing this complaint, regarding the fact that it took one week to restore power.
When I called the officer at the call centre on Sunday night, he responded reluctantly saying linesmen were working at Vadavada and would go to 8-mile.
That never happened.
We lost businesses, our frozen goods wasted, we were not able to and our kids were not able to do their projects and assignments.
At some stage, we did not eat because we relied on power.
Officers at the call centre or the operations team that failed to execute their tasks need to be investigated and disciplined.
Those who pay to use power have been denied access just because of some people are lazy.

Frustrated Customer

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