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Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 21st September 2012

THE new governor of Eastern Highlands should put together a good team from outside the provincial administration to look into its affairs in the past five years.
Money was spent on items that were not budgeted for.
As millions of kina were paid to contractors, all contracts awarded between 2008 and 2011 should be scrutinised.
The Provincial Supplies and Tenders Board secretariat must also
be investigated.
Retire some officers to make way for young, vibrant and innovative Papua New Guineans.
There are many Papua New Guineans out there who can do the job better.
We do not need the so-called senior officers who only want to be comfortable and to enjoy their pri­vileges but cannot bring about development ser­vices to the people.
They cannot even provide assistance to the surrounding villages of Goroka and Kainantu to enable them to also enjoy the economic boom that the LNG project has brought.
I believe Prime Minister Peter O’Neill did not get proper advice on the provincial affairs.
Governor Julie Soso has capable leaders such as Bire Kimisopa, Robert Atiyafa, Merra Minne and Benny Allan who can help to weed out the crooks.

Public Servant