Probe serious claims by dead man’s relatives

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 I SUPPORT the condemnation of the assault on a doctor by a dead man’s relatives in Mt Hagen Hospital (The National, July 18), irrespective of the extent. 

We need to respect our doctors for the great job they do. 

However, what is very disturbing here is the claim by the relatives that this doctor failed to closely monitor and attend to the sick patient. 

They claimed that the doctor ignored their calls to attend to the patient who had difficulty breathing. 

The doctor was said to have a family problem and the patient’s relatives had to make phone calls to him, which he ignored and an ambulance had to be deployed to fetch him. 

The doctor apparently arrived at midnight smelling of alcohol. 

These claims are very serious and need to be investigated imme-

diately by appropriate authorities. 

If they are true, the doctor should be terminated on the spot, his license forfeited and  he should be jailed for negligence. 

Mt Hagen Hospital Board chairman David Guinn and CEO Dr James Kintwa should institute an investigation into the claims made against the doctor.


Kopu S