Problematic trucks a danger to all

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013

THIS is about an accident that happened the previous Saturday at Waigani, where a delivery truck ran over five people. 

That truck that caused the accident and claimed the life of an innocent person is not roadworthy. 

As an employee of the truck’s owners, I knew this as it had steering and brake problems.

How was it allowed to go on the road? 

It is something the families of the victims and appropriate authorities must investigate. 

Many of the company’s vehicles are un-roadworthy, but the company is still using them and putting the lives of the drivers at risk as well as that of the general public. 

A big company like that should buy new vehicles from Ela Motors or Boroko Motors instead of using those un-roadworthy vehicles. 


Frustrated wheelsman

Port Moresby