Process used to inspect imported vehicle hailed

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THE vehicles compliances standard rule used to inspect imported vehicles is serving its purpose, according to Road Transport Authority chief executive officer Nelson Terema.
Terema said countries such as Japan, New Zealand and Australia were using the same process to make sure vehicles met all standards.
“At the moment, so far so good,” he said.
The process requires the involvement of Customs and transport officials in both countries – the seller and the buyer – to properly inspect the vehicle and ensure it is in good condition.
“There were no such rules in the past,” Terema said.
“Now we have this standard rules in place to make sure imported vehicles meet all the standards and are compatible before shipping.
“If countries plan to bring vehicles into PNG, the transport authority and Customs authority of both countries have to do inspections on and off shore to make sure whatever comes in is of quality and have spare parts available.”
Terema said Japan’s export vehicle inspection centre or the inspection agents had made a deal to do inspections and make recommendations on imported vehicles.
Meanwhile, Terema said the RTA in partnership with United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) were training traffic police officers on how to collect quality data on road accidents. They are also trained to implement the new Road Traffic Act, conduct awareness on the new rules and regulations and to introduce road safety in the curriculum.
“At the moment, accidents are continuing to happen and no proper data is collected to find the source (and stop them) from happening again,” he said.

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