Productive year ahead for OCCD

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 21, 2011

 I WOULD like to respond to claims made in the letter published recently under the titles “Time for overhaul at climate change office” (The National, Jan 11). 

The letter is a direct attack at the Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD) and its staff, and cannot be left unanswered. 

Published anonymously, and under a false identity, it is a cowardly attempt to discredit the office with false claims. I call on our national newspapers not to be part of such defamatory actions.

To begin with, I must strongly emphasis that the writer is not from the newly established OCCD but from the old Office of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (OCCES) abolished by the government.

Secondly, no employee since the operation of OCCD started in September last year has left the organisation to date, so the author’s claim of being a “redundant staff of the OCCD” is false and misleading and that I must say makes the article distasteful, exceptionally deceitful and misleading.

However, the author is obviously an educated person and as such I would like to remind the author that there are existing processes that matters can be constructively addressed, it maybe that the author lacks the appropriate “current and background” information. 

In that case OCCD, and I am sure Department of Environment and Conservatio, as government service providers, are open for business and any queries by the author is highly welcomed. 

I can confidently vouch for my staff being professional, highly qualified people with impeccable integrity will surely be very courteous and helpful to the author if there is a need.

In addition, the operations of OCCD are overseen by the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) chaired by the Chief Secretary. This ensures transparency and accountability of administrative and operational processes. 

There are avenues to raise issues with OCCD. Thus, I would humbly and strongly advise the author to as much as possible actively participate through the Climate Change Technical Working Groups (TWG) established by a Cabinet decision, to voice out issues and contribute meaningfully to government policy and initiatives on climate change. Again, please contact the office should you require more information. 

All in all, climate change is a global issue that requires a global solution and we still have a long way to go in PNG to address both the risks and opportunities that climate change provides. 

The OCCD, in collaboration with numerous stakeholders, is making every effort to contribute to this work and also take this opportunity, on behalf of the staff and the acting executive director, to acknowledge numerous key government agencies, development partners, private sector, churches and non-governmental organisations for ensuring a successful 2010. 

We look forward to a continued productive partnership again this year. God Bless PNG.



Varigini Badira,

Director adaptation