Prof: Follow guidelines to achieve your dream


STUDENTS have been challenged to follow their respective university guidelines to see that their dream in education become a reality.
This was the word from Professor Joseph Kekeya, the chair of facility education board and dean of facility of education at the Divine Word University (DWU).
He was speaking to students who came from the DWU open campus in Mt Hagen at the Holy Trinity Teachers College and from the two sub centres in Pangia, Southern Highlands and Wabag in Enga on Friday during their orientation.
“You cannot just come here or there and give all sorts of reasons after you fail to achieve your dream,” Kekeya said.
“There is no short – cut in education and in order for you to make it through is to listen and follow instructions.”
He said when there are directions given, this means they have to follow.
“The orientation held here at the DWU Mt Hagen open campus is for you to know and follow.”
Holy Trinity Teachers College chairman Hugo Kop said rules are created to follow and students have to abide by it.
“It’s a race that you are in now and you have to be quick to listen and do your part to earn a better.”

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