Prof Mola appeals to people to take vaccine before it expires


PROF Glen Mola, the head of obstetrics and gynecology at the University PNG School of Medicine and Health Science and Port Moresby General Hospital, says it will be an international shame if Papua New Guinea allows doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to expire unused when some countries are crying out for extra doses to save the lives of their people.
He said Papua New Guineans must step up and take the Covid-19 vaccines to protect themselves before the vaccine expired next month. Prof Mola had been warning of surges and advocating for vaccines since last year. According to Deputy Pandemic Response Controller Dr Daoni Esorom, 38,563 people were vaccinated by Sunday. Dr Esorom said of the 38,563, 6,063 were health workers, 32,012 essential workers and 488 people that were 45 years and above with comorbidity. He said 32.92 per cent of the health workers and essential workers were vaccinated and 67.08 were not while only 0.03 per cent of the people of 45 years of age and above with comorbidities were vaccinated.