Professor launches book that focuses on quality education

Youth & Careers

THE vice-chancellor of the University of Goroka Prof Musawe Sinebare released his sixth book at the university campus last Friday.
The book emphasises the delivery of quality education in PNG schools as he is always keen on promoting that very topic.
“Education has been a subject of great interest attracting discussions and debates at all levels in the country,” Sinebare said. “Parents want quality education for their children.
“Politicians vouch for and demand quality education in schools.
“Teachers prepare their best lessons to deliver quality teaching for quality learning and eventually achieve quality education,” he said.
“Students are caught in this debate hoping and expecting that they are receiving quality education and the general public perceives that the quality of education in PNG is very important but on the decline.”
The book is titled “Policies and practices of Papua New Guinea education – A critic towards improving and enhancing quality education”.
He also questions in the book whether the tuition fee is improving the quality of education. He said the book was written to stimulate attention on the implementation of education in a fair, strategic and targeted manner to achieve quality education.
The book is intended for teachers, principals, boards of governors, education advisers in districts and provinces, education planners and politicians.

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