Programme aiming to improve behaviour of children


THE Catholic Christian Value Education (CCVE) aims to positively influence and change students’ behaviour in schools, says an official.
St Paul’s Elementary School teacher-in-charge Joyce Connebar said CCVE should have been introduced earlier during the implementation of the outcomes-based education system.
Connebar said this during the closing of the CCVE training workshop at the school.
She told teachers that implementing CCVE to students at an early age would instil good behaviours and attitudes which would lessen problems youth are getting into.
Connebar said CCVE coupled with good and responsible parenting would address many of the problems caused by youth before they became bigger issues.
“CCVE has just been introduced in schools and teachers now have the challenge to give their best in teaching it to help bring about changes required for the students,” she said.
Connebar said the onus was on the teachers to understand the students at their own level to deal and assess their daily conduct both inside and outside the classroom.
She said with CCVE, teachers had to be more proactive and avoid resorting to the usual disciplinary methods.
Connebar said a positive approach taken towards solving issues with children would have greater positive impacts on a child’s behaviour and they would eventually realise their mistakes.
“Whatever experiences they have now, whether positive or negative, they will learn from,” she said.
“The behaviour of a child in the future is influenced by what they experience in their childhood.”

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