Programme helped me face the workforce, graduate says

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 A GRADUATE of the Langley Scholarship Shellina Mankuo, said the programme had immensely helped her to face the workforce.

Mankuo was among 20 people  awarded the scholarship early this year.

She thanked Air Energi and Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute and said the programme had shaped and given her the confidence she needed to take on the challenges of a human resource personnel.

Mankuo wong the Graduate of the Year Award for her outstanding qualities of being outgoing and confident in her work despite being a trainee. 

She thanked her fellow graduates, saying it was their teamwork that placed her in that position. 

She urged upcoming Langley graduates to remain in the programme until completion as they would gain more in a short period of time than what they took in years. 

She made a call to those companies and organisations that were seeking for HR personnel to look no further as they were ready and willing to take up the challenges.