Programme impresses visiting doctor

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 A DOCTOR from the Asia Foundation in Manila was in Port Moresby last week to visit the Ginigoada mobile training programmes. 

Dr Steven Rood was impressed with the high number of people who attended the programmes. 

The programmes are at Sabama, Pari, 9-Mile and Gaire village.

The Asia Foundation is the founding sponsor of the Ginigoada Young Life and Young Skills programmes.

At 9-Mile, he spoke about conflict resolution – a topic of great significance to him as he had been involved in peace negotiations in other countries. 

Rood said the Asia Foundation was pleased to learn that Governor Powes Parkop and the National Capital District and Misereor Germany had been providing funding support for the programmes since the initial Asia Foundation sponsorship ended in 2012.

A new grant document for K215,000 was signed during Rood’s visit providing much needed additional funding for short-term skills training.