Programmes must spell out needs, Temu says

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


CAPACITY-building programmes for rural public service must outline basic needs and measures to ensure the government’s rural development direction is maintained, Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu says. 

Sir Puka stressed this at the launch of rural services delivery and local governance programme for Central. 

He said programmes created to implement government-legislated community driven developments or CDDs should spell out the exact meaning or objective of the programme so that proposed initiatives could make impacts, given the financial backing of K500,000 to local level governments. 

“In this way, the financial support by the government is utilised and drives objectives and development. PNG is very experienced in the CDD approach,” Sir Puka said.

“We have a legislated structure that is already in place in the provincial and LLGs, Organic Law and established ward committees, LLGs and joint district priorities and provincial governments.

“And these are based on the CDD approach where programmes must spell out the basic needs and what to do to drive capacity-building for public servants at the rural level.”

Sir Puka said Papua New Guinea no longer needed bilateral and multi-lateral partners such as the World Bank or AusAID.