Programmes needs to be restructured


The University of Papua New Guinea needs to restructure its programmes so that sponsors, parents and employers are aware of the students’ positions and their level of qualification and achievements.
We have got schools of humanities and social science, natural and physical science, law and business management.
In each of those schools, there are different strands.
Students are required to take courses within their schools and from outside of their schools, as their minor, including broadening courses.
At the end of the day, they are qualified for more than just a degree, in which a diploma programme is also completed after four years of study.
There is a need for degree and diploma programmes for each strand to be introduced.
There must be a level of distinction among the strand within the same school.
The degree qualification under each programme for each school is not enough to inform a student, parents or employers apart from course descriptions.

Neven Amugl, Chimbu

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