Project ‘vital’ for growers

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The National, Monday June 24th, 2013

 THE Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea views the productive partnership in agriculture project (PPAP) as very important because of its success in networking, integrating and delivering services to growers, new board chief executive officer Boto Goupu says.

Goupu said that during the contract signing between agriculture groups in East New Britain.

He said the PPAP was a model project that could effectively coordinate agriculture projects.

“At the Cocoa Board, we want to continue to support PPAP administratively and ensure the project is implemented,” Goupu said.

He said the beauty of PPAP was that monitoring and evaluation was a vital part of the project so it abided by strict regulations to promote good governance and transparent processes.

“There are many issues facing the agriculture industry and PPAP brings together all stakeholders in the private and public sector to work together and address these issues.”

Goupu said there were many provinces that were keen to get involved in this project.

He acknowledged the participation of women in the agriculture sector, saying this was when gender issues were being addressed nationwide.

A mother, Lanieth Aua, representing a 50-member cooperative group, said through the contract agreement, PPAP had made a big impact on women as the project would help women to generate income and give them confidence to sustain their families and give them the opportunity to start up small informal businesses.