Project aims to help with education resources

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The National, Monday March 3rd, 2014

 EDUCATION is a building block for society, and improving access to and the quality of educational resources is a priority for the PNG LNG project, a project advisor says.

By working with local government, non-governmental organisations and community leaders, the project has promoted educational development across the project area.

“Our approach to improving education has been inclusive and comprehensive,” the project community investment advisor, Valentina Kaman said. 

“Our programmes cover support to schools as well as for teachers, so that we can have the greatest possible impact.”

She said the projects support had been extensive. Focus has been placed on infrastructure, providing financial and technical support to improve the physical infrastructure of classrooms, schools and educational facilities.

This included a K1.3 million programme to upgrade five primary schools in the Hides area.

Support has included developing and providing appropriate learning materials for children, as well as school supplies and teaching equipment.

“Education is key to enhancing and harnessing human capital,” Kaman said.