Project benefits queried

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The National, Wednesday October 14th, 2015


EXXONMobil, the operator of the US$19 billion (K53.4 billion) PNG LNG project says it is “concerned” that landowners benefits are taking too long to be released.

A company spokesperson yesterday responded to questions posed by The National on whether there were any agreements in relation to the concerns raised by landowners recently. “ExxonMobil PNG is committed to maintaining a positive relationship with landowners, the Government and the community,” the spokesperson said.

“We are concerned that benefits associated with the PNG LNG project have not yet been received by validated landowners.

“While this is a matter between the landowners and the Government, we are continuing to do everything we can to encourage a speedy resolution.”

The spokesperson said the company continued to release what was due to landowners into nominated accounts with the Bank of Papua New Guinea.

“We are continuing to pay royalties into a Government-nominated trust account with the Bank of Papua New Guinea, while the Government finalises their landowner identification processes. 

“Mineral Resources Development Company also continues to receive equity dividends from the PNG LNG project. 

“We encourage continued dialogue between landowners and the Government to resolve their outstanding issues.”