Project to boost help on family, sexual violence


EMPLOYEES experiencing family and sexual violence in Port Moresby now have an option to get help thanks to the Bel Isi (PNG) Project.
Project manager Danielle Winfrey said there were many employees with family and sexual violence (FSV) situation who did not raise it to their management because of shame or out of fear of losing their jobs.
“This prevents them from getting the necessary support they need and in the end may result in them losing their jobs when it affects their performance,” Winfrey said.
She said an estimated three out of four women in Papua New Guinea had experienced some form of physical or sexual violence.
Winfrey said the Bel Isi (PNG) programme was now open for corporate subscriptions.
“Supporting Bel Isi (PNG) is a great opportunity to make a difference to FSV survivors and their families across Port Moresby,” she said.
“So sign up now to make a real difference for your employees, companies, and your community.”
Winfrey said that FSV reduced productivity, increased absenteeism and greatly raised costs associated with employee turnover and security.
“So work with us to help mend lives, change minds and reduce the cost of FSV to businesses,” she said.