Project to help rid waste

National, Normal

The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 PROPER disposal of medical waste is a common problem faced by many health facilities in the country including those in Western. 

The PNG Sustainable Development Program and ATprojects Inc are therefore helping provide 20 incinerators to the 21 Catholic health facilities in the Daru-Kiunga diocese.

Daru-Kiunga diocese health manageress Sr Anna Singinwa said the 20 incinerators had arrived in Kiunga and waiting to be installed by ATprojects.

“Most of the health facilities do not have proper disposal areas for medical waste and this is a problem that we have faced over the years,” she said. 

“The medical waste incinerators from ATprojects will greatly assist medical waste disposal.” 

One incinerator will be installed at the Kiunga Central Monfort Urban Clinic and others in Catholic health service aid posts and health centres in the Daru-Kiunga diocese.

ATprojects co-director Steve Layton said the incinerator was a low-cost intermediate solution to a problem faced by small health facilities over many years.

The incinerators not only burn the medical waste, but also dispose the burnt waste by letting the ashes and other burnt material fall into a three-metre pit under the incinerator.

The incinerators are designed and manufactured for ATprojects by PNG tradesmen.