Projects for Milne Bay

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013

 MILNE Bay Governor Titus Philemon says his first year in office has been challenging but he has set the stage to move the province forward.

“It took some time and effort to put the house in order, only to be disrupted again by the local level government and ward elections,” he said. 

Some of the initiatives include :

  • Agaun-Magarida Road – K2 million;
  • Alotau-East Cape Road in conjunction with Alotau district programme – K2 million;
  • Ahioma bridge – K1 million;
  • Gehua town development – K2 million; 
  • New Milne Bay administration office complex – K3 million;
  • New Provincial Government office complex – K2 million;
  • Communication improvements to be carried out with Digicel – K1 million;
  • Kitava and Kaibola jetties – K1.5 million;
  • Boats project – K1.3 million;
  • Police housing – K1 million;
  • Provincial Health Authority drugs and supplies storage – K1 million;
  • Risk Assessment studies for Rossel Spit and Kiriwina/Kitava channel – K536,000;
  • Additional education sector support – K700,000;
  • Additional health sector support – K700,000;
  • Additional Law and Justice sector support – K1.2 million;
  • Additional economic sector support – K700,000; and
  • Samarai Island Restoration – K500,000.