Projects in in line with transport plan: Mumu

The National, Tuesday July 19th, 2016

ALL projects in the transport sector including bridges are consistent with the medium term Transport Plan 2014-18, Transport and Infrastructure Secretary Roy Mumu says.
Speaking at the opening of three bridges in Northern yesterday, Mumu commended the Australian government’s support.
The K139 million project is to replace the four bridges destroyed by Cyclone Guba in 2007. The bridges, which are being delivered by  Works and funded by Australia, will improve all-weather access for communities in Oro Bay and Kokoda Highway.
The road corridor directly serves 97,000 people, which is nearly half the population of Northern. The road also serves as the main artery for the transport of oil palm, which is the dominant agricultural product in the province.
Mumu said all projects in the transport sector, whether in aviation, maritime or land transport, were consistent with the plan. The plan talks about bridges and the Girua Airport which is supported by Asian Development Bank.
“As you know, PNG will no longer be an island in the Pacific, we are a member of the global community.” Mumu said.
“Whatever happens anywhere around the world we are affected. That’s why this country will host in 2018 November the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (Apec) for the first time in PNG,” he said.
Mumu said the Government’s approved policy theme on Apec was inclusive and sustainable growth connectivity for all.
“The first bridge that opened today (yesterday) is the first bridge that is important for this intermodal connectivity,” he said.
“Under the national government policy, the National Transport Strategy, there is integration between the national government, the provincial administration and the local level governments.
“I’m proud to witness the opening of these state of the art bridges. They are going to withstand floods over 100 years.
“I hope that you will look after these bridges and we advocate road safety and urge you to look after these assets,” Mumu told the people at the opening.