Project’s pace a concern

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill expressed disappointment in Parliament on Wednesday over the slow progress in the development of a housing project worth K7 million at Durham Farm in Port Moresby.
O’Neill said the Government had  put money to develop the blocks of land putting roads, power and water and yet not a single house has been built.
Part of the reason why not a house is being built is to do with individual titles under sub-division not being made available quickly, he says.
“From the brief I‘m getting, there are over a 1000 blocks being issued now and now they (National Housing Corporation) are talking to PNG and overseas developers in trying to develop those houses.”
O’Neill said that he would get the Housing Minister Paul Isikiel to table a detailed report of the Durham Farm’s development progress in the next Parliament sitting.
He was responding to Jimi MP Mai Dop who asked about the development of the housing project saying workers need decent homes to live in.
Dop also called for the suspension of the NHC managing director John Dege and for investigations into funds allocated to develop the Durham Farm housing project.
During the launching of the project in November 2014, Isikiel had said that they have  received K7 million from the National Government and  K4 million has been spent on procuring civil works equipment and K3 million went towards designs and sub-divisions.